Radiology at Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra has set out on a mission to help hundreds of millions of people gain access to fast, accurate medical diagnosis, by teaching computers to read and diagnose medical imaging data.

We are a leader in the emerging space of artificial intelligence in radiology - using deep learning to analyze millions of patient imaging scans and provide automated clinical insights to physicians.

If you’re seeking an opportunity to make a true impact - we are developing tools to identify lung and breast cancer, cardiovascular, liver, lung, brain and bone disease and much more. We are growing and seeking people who connect with our mission of providing high-quality, affordable and accessible care to the world's’ population.

As a consultant, you will have a chance to be part of the development cycle of the latest cutting edge AI technology.


  • Work directly with our clinical team on research and clinical definitions
  • Analyzing clinical data for Zebra's algorithms
  • Providing feedback on Zebra's workflow solutions
  • Participate in our research and scientific publications