Senior Software Engineer at Karius
Redwood City, CA, US

Karius is on a mission to conquer infectious diseases through innovations in genomic sequencing and machine learning. With a first of its kind product in the market, we are impacting thousands of patients at over a hundred hospitals a year. We are looking for a product manager to join our diverse, talented, curious, collaborative, brave, respectful, trusting, humble and highly creative team to continuously discover and evolve with us, delivering at startup pace, and healthcare quality. In this role, you will have an incredible opportunity to work closely, and at scale, with an emerging high-impact data type - microbial cell-free DNA. You will navigate the team through the full product life-cycle, from identifying the need to delivering on value. You will make sure we repeatedly hit the right targets, as we design, develop, test and deploy full-stack solutions in a cloud environment, partnering with the scientific, analytical, medical, and commercial teams. You are the kind of person that sees the gaps in healthcare, the opportunity for deep tech, and ask “how can I help?”.

You draw extreme satisfaction from building the right product, and from guiding cross-functional teams towards efficient and effective execution. You deeply appreciate the role each member across the broader company plays, and how it all comes together to make things tick. You believe that data is the opposite of an opinion. You are detail oriented, a great listener, and a data-hungry facilitator of responsible innovation, yet you will take the leap when one is required in order to move things forward. You are highly curious and creative, and you have already proved you have the ability to identify core problems and drive impactful product solutions all the way to the finish line. You want to make sure the time you pour into your next endeavor has the impact it deserves, and you will pursue that mission humbly.

You will:

·       Guide product features throughout the execution cycle with a focus on solutions for both software and data.
·       Partner with the scientific, analytical, medical, and commercial teams to take value through the full product life-cycle, from identifying need to delivering impact.
·       Lead requirements and specification gathering on enhancing our innovative clinical offering, as well as accelerating our R&D process.
·       Identify and implement strategies aimed at maximizing the team’s efficiency and overall company output, ensuring that we are efficiently executing on the most impactful and value driven projects.
·       Drive quality of deliverables, from defining testing scenarios to implementing improved quality assurance and control processes and technologies.
·       Define, analyze, and communicate product success metrics to the leadership teams.
·       Be a key stakeholder in the engineering road mapping efforts.
·       Take a meaningful part in market research to understand the market, competition, and user requirements in depth. You will be contrasting against other offers in the field, in parallel fields, and even in cases where the key learnings transcend an industry.
·       Ensure that both external customers and internal stakeholders receive proper communication about product launches, functionality, and issues.

You bring:
·       Undergrad, preferably in a technical field
·       4 years industry experience, delivering key product capabilities used today by 100,000s of users, as part of a fast-growing technology company
·       2 years of experience building strategic product road maps from conception to launch
Experience working with diverse stakeholders, including direct market interaction
·       Masters or PhD
·       10 years of industry experience 
·       Experience with genomics, mobile-first experience, product launches in healthcare, taking products through the CLIA/CAP/HIPAA regulatory requirements preferred