Data Scientist at Medial EarlySign

Medial EarlySign is a big data revolution pioneer in the medical field, augmenting hypothesis-driven diagnosis with data-driven predictions.


We develop machine learning based decision support tools that expose the hidden layer of information in standard medical data. These new insights enable personal and outcome-based interpretation of medical data, yielding individualized predictions and treatment options for each patient, as well as early prediction of life-threatening conditions. An innovative intersection of clinical expertise and Big Data analytics, our clinical software solution analyzes hundreds of parameters, trends and interrelationships in electronic medical data, driving the use of data-driven healthcare.

Location: Israel

Machine learning knowledge and experience:

  • Programming with C/C++ preferred
  • Experience working with large amounts of data
  • Highly motivated to work on healthcare data sets
  • Participate in creating new models for predicting risks of developing diseases and medical conditions