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  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Research Sci/Assoc/Mgr
  • Industry: Digital Health
  • Post Date: 08/19/2023
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 34 Yerushalaim Rd, Beit Gamla, 6th Floor, Ra'anana, 4350110 Israel

About aMoon Fund

aMoon is a leading HealthTech and Life Sciences venture capital fund based in Israel. Our mission is to launch tomorrow’s cures to the world’s greatest healthcare challenges. We are passionate about giving the most promising thinkers and innovators the resources they need to propel their business and technology to the next level and beyond. The largest HealthTech fund in Israel with over $1billion under management, our mission is to harvest the tsunami of the convergence of health and technology in Israel and globally and to accelerate cures for humanity’s most life-threatening conditions and global healthcare’s biggest cost drivers.

The aMoon team combines the forces of a unique investment engine and a global network of investors and industry leaders to enable early and late-stage companies in the fields of biopharma, digital health and medical technology to achieve their fullest potential. We are a team of doctors, scientists, hi-tech pioneers and innovators ourselves. We are deeply passionate about working hand-in-hand with our portfolio companies to reshape global healthcare.

Job Description

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