Senior Data Engineer at Zebra Medical Vision

About The Position

Zebra has set out on a mission to help hundreds of millions of people receive access to fast, accurate medical diagnosis, by teaching computers to read and diagnose medical imaging data. We’re looking for Data Engineers to help bring our products to hospitals, physicians and consumers. Come join a team that is changing healthcare by developing the applications and services that will help all of us improve and manage our healthcare.

The Zebra data team deals with high throughput data pipelines, scalable machine learning inference, huge Metadata, data-set and label management.

The Zebra data team owns the data across the company - from acquiring, cleaning, archiving, indexing, serving and building tools to analyze the data - both for humans and for algorithms.

We use Python, Redis, ElasticSearch, Mongo DB and node.js, as well as docker and Rancher as our tools of trade.

We are looking for a Senior Data engineer to join our team and help us take our infrastructure to the next level.


  • Develop, maintain and operate complex data pipelines
  • Build tools to monitor and alert on data quality and availability
  • Design and develop tools and automations that expose the data to the rest of the company - from researches to the scalable automatic process which train machine learning models.


  • 4+ years experience in backend development on distributed, scalable system - preferably in Python.
  • 4+ years experience in Linux.
  • 2+ year experience in data engineering - data pipeline design, implementation, operations
  • 1+ Experience working with no SQL databases - at least one of cassandra/hbase/Elastic/Mongo/Couchbase/Redis
  • BSc. Computer Science


  • Python expert - very strong advantage
  • Machine learning background/understanding - very strong advantage
  • Hadoop/spark - strong advantage
  • Docker - strong advantage
  • Monitoring systems, alerting etc. - advantage
  • Node.js - advantage